When editing an event time you might notice a text input labeled "Total Paper" (see: https://d.pr/i/8vTCE5). This is most commonly used to reserve a block of seats that represent guests that may have RSVP'd a different way outside of The RSVP App.

For example, you may have a paper registration process or sign-up sheet and you want to be sure those seats are removed from the total available on The RSVP App. Let's say you have 1000 seats available, but 200 people have signed-up outside of The RSVP App. Simply enter "200" into "Total Paper" and The RSVP App will now show only 800 seats available for guests registering through The RSVP App.

Or, let's say you have a guest that doesn't have an email address, access to a computer, or otherwise is unable to use The RSVP App. You can count them by adding their seats to "Total Paper".

Another reason you might want to use the "Total Paper" field is if you want to "hold" seats and release them in waves. This way the event can look like it's filling up quickly and you can increase capacity as-needed.